Lawn and Yard Maintenance Service in Fargo-Moorhead Area

Lawn Maintenance

What does lawn maintenance include?

  • ZWeeding
  • ZTrimming
  • ZEdging
  • ZFertilizing
  • ZBlowing
  • ZRemoving debris

How much does lawn care service cost?

Scheduled lawn mowing and trimming cost depends on a variety of factors including how large your property is and what state your lawn is in. If you are interested in a quote from us, we are happy to provide one over the phone. Please call us to check availability.

Yard Maintenance

What does yard maintenance include?

  • ZRaking
  • ZRemoving dead annuals
  • ZPruning
  • ZTrimming trees
  • ZPulling weeds
  • ZFertilize
  • ZInspect driveways and paths for cracks
  • ZMulch and rock refreshment
  • ZBlowing
  • ZRemoving debris

How much does yard maintenance cost?

The cost of yard maintenance in Fargo depends on the following factors: how large your yard is, which services you require, what state your yard is in, etc. We are happy to give quotes over the phone. Please contact us today.
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