Heat Tape Installation

Ice Dam Prevention in Fargo

At Peterson Services, we help prevent ice buildup on roofs in the Fargo and Moorhead areas. In order to avoid damage from leaks, preventing ice dams should be a top priority for businesses and homeowners. Instead of paying for our ice dam removal service each time your home is affected by an ice dam, install our ice dam heat tape which ensures you are protected from ice build up throughout the winter. Ice dam heat tape is a simple, affordable way to prevent ice dams and avoid costly architectural solutions, such as additional insulation, improved ventilation and sealing air leaks to prevent ice dams. Our heat tape installation services are an effective, affordable option to help keep ice melt away from your home.

Ice Dam Prevention System

What is Heat Tape?

Heat tape for ice dam prevention is also known as snow melting cables, heat cables, heat coil, roof deicing cable, roof heat coils, roof heat tape, roof heater cables, or ice-melting cables. When you don’t rake your roof after each new snowfall, ice dams can form. They force melting snow beneath your shingles instead of allowing water to run off your roof and into your gutters. Heat tape warms the roof creating “channels” so the water finds its way to your gutters. When professionally installed by our team, you avoid the dangers of misdirecting the water flow which can lead to costly damage.

Ice Dam Prevention System

Heat Tape to Prevents Damage from Ice Dams

Simply put, ice dams and frozen gutters cause water damage. When water has nowhere to go, it gets forced upwards against the roof shingles. When water flows upwards, it seeps beneath the shingles, exposing your roof to water. This leads to costly damage not only to your roof and attic, but your entire home structure. Insurance often does not cover this damage, as proper maintenance was not performed to protect your home from leaks. Ice dam heat tape allows water to flow away from your roof to prevent ice dam damage.

Ice Dam Prevention System

Installing Heat Tape Cables On Roof Saves Money

Snow melting cable installation prevents a long list of ongoing costs including:
  • ERoof repairs
  • EIce dam removal
  • EEavestrough and gutter repairs
  • EStructural damage to your walls, windows, and foundation
Investing in ice dam heat tape is the most affordable option to avoid costly repairs in the future.

Ice Dam Prevention System

The Benefits of Commercial Grade Heating Cables

Heat tape is available at your local home improvement center. However, these kits can be dangerous when not professionally installed. In fact, they can pose a fire risk. The DIY heat tape also only tends to last a year or two. While they help prevent ice dam build up, you really don’t get your money’s worth and put yourself at risk when installing it.

The commercial-grade heat tape we use on the other hand provides a self-regulating roof heat tape system. Our heat tape is under warranty for five years and operates at full capacity under the harshest winter conditions found in the Fargo/Moorhead area. Our systems use little electricity as they only work when weather conditions require it.

Heat Tape FAQs

Is heat tape dangerous?
Heat tape is only dangerous when not installed by a professional heat tape installation company.
How much does heat tape cost?
We provide quotes based on the size of your roof in hand with our installation costs.
How hot does roof heat tape get?
We use Self-Regulating cable which safely produces 6 watts per foot (at 50ºF) and 9.6 watts per foot (at 32ºF).
How long do roof heating cables last?
Our roof heating cables come with the best warranty in the business for 5-years.
If you would like to learn more about our ice dam heat tape installation services, call us for a free quote today.