Roof Snow Removal 

In Fargo-Moorhead, we experience extreme winters with an average of 49 inches of snow each year. While shoveling snow is a daily part of life in the winter, roof snow removal is often overlooked. Also known as roof raking, it is a tedious and often dangerous job most homeowners try to avoid. However, it’s the best way to protect your home from roof damage. While pitched roofs offer better protection against the snow, flat roofs are more prone to snow-related issues. However, the weight of snow after a snowstorm or repeated snowfalls can be an issue for any roof style. To ensure your home is protected, we recommend Peterson’s roof raking service once your roof has accumulated 6 inches of snow.

Our Rooftop Snow Removal Process

Safe roof snow removal takes skill using a roof rake and safety gear. Each roof comes with its own risks and challenges. At Peterson Services our team is trained to determine what snow removal plan is best for your roof. We not only offer roof snow removal service in Fargo, but reduce risks of accidents that lead to injury and property damage. It is always best to leave roof snow removal to the professionals. We will:
  • Z Locate gas meter, window wells, etc. to make sure we avoid throwing snow in that area
  • ZUse the proper shovels, roof rakes, and the occasional snowblower to avoid damage
  • ZSkillfully avoid causing damage to your shingles and property
We then circle your property to clear away all the snow removed from your roof.

How Much Does Roof Snow Removal Cost in Fargo?

Roof snow removal in Fargo costs vary based on:
  • EThe amount of snow build-up
  • EThe weight of the snow pounds per square foot
  • EIce dams and ice dam prevention
  • EShingle or roof style
  • EIce removal requirements

As well, if we spot ice dams forming on your roof, we will recommend removal. Although this is an additional cost, ice dams left untreated can lead to thousands of dollars in roof repairs.


What Happens When You Don’t Clear Snow Off Your Roof?

There are three possible scenarios if snow is not removed from your roof:
  • The added weight can lead to roof collapse and structural damage
  • Covered roof vents can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Ice dams form leading to leaks


What Is An Ice Dam and How Does It Form?

Ice dams are ice ridges that form at the edge of your roof. They stop proper drainage from your roof as snow melts. As a result, the water is forced under your shingles leading to leaks. The ice pressure and weight can also damage your gutters. You can prevent ice dams by:
  • ERemoving snow from your roof
  • EHaving proper insulation in your attic and home
  • EInstalling heat tape to provide radiant roof heat to prevent ice build-up
  • EHaving ice dams removed at the first sign of icicles

Our team offers an easy ice dam solution using steam. We can also install heat tape to clear paths for melting snow to safely flow away from your home into your gutters.

For more information on removing snow on your roof, call Peterson Services for a quote today.